Arithmetic Drills

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Students in grade school are no longer allowed to memorize their multiplication tables but are expected to "know" how to get the correct answers to simple arithmetic questions. We have begun a project to give them the opportunity to run drills on our website.

The first exercise lets them try their hand at three different operations: addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Numbers are randomly presented to the student and the operation, likewise, will be randomly generated so that the student doesn't get too complacent.

The first exercise is designed for a third grade level. As such, we will only work with positive numbers. All subtractions for the third grader will result in a number which is positive. The operands for both addition and subtraction will range between 0 and 100. Multiplication is slightly different in that we only allow the numbers between 1 and 12.

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Click here for a mix of operations

Should you wish to emphasize a single operation, click on the following links:

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