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"Why is it so difficult for people to grasp the advantages of a free market? It's never going to get any easier than this. Only a little over a decade ago, the centralized planning of the Eastern bloc was exposed as having created a squalid, poverty-stricken abyss. Meanwhile, corrupt running-dog lackeys of the capitalist system here in America managed to produce a society on which the poorest citizens have televisions, refrigerators, telephones, and the opportunity to appear on the Jerry Springer Show. But, no matter how often capitalism manages to produce good products at low prices, and no matter how spectacular the failures of governmnent intervention are, some segment of the population continually lists toward the old Soviet bread-distribution model. Evidently, the free market is a counterintuitive concept. People have to be constantly reminded how excellent the market is at distributing goods and services."

Ann Coulter

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