DaysToGo program

This program was written for a good friend of mine who will be able to retire next year. Its purpose is to calculate the days between "today" and a date in the future and display the number of days in a small window.

You will note that there is a menu called Housekeeping which will allow you to choose a different date or to change the time intervals (days, weeks, months, hours, minutes or seconds). A timer function will automatically change the information when hours, minutes or seconds is chosen.

The program can be called from the desktop by clicking Start/PROGRAMS/Stillwaters,Inc./DaysToGo. Once started it can be kept on your desktop indefinitely. While you could install it as a startup, I don't recommend it (because things like this clutter the startup files causing longer to boot ups). Rather, create a shortcut and run it after booting up

Download instructions